Where's George? (www.wheresgeorge.com) is an interesting web site that tracks the travels of dollar bills through circulation. Its users, most of whom mark their bills with the web site address, follow the adventures of their money after it leaves their hands. (Reasonably marking bills with www.wheresgeorge.com is legal.) There is also much more on the site to check out, like forums, user profiles, and the George Store. Some users of Where's George, called Georgers, have created cool Where's George related pages for all Georgers to enjoy. This page lists some of them.

For Where's Willy? related stuff, check out The Directory of Where's Willy Related Pages.

Several pages have been added and links to some pages that no longer exist, are no longer applicable, or are known to be no longer maintained have been removed.

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If you have a web page that you have created (and continue to maintain) that may be of general interest to Where's George Users, please contact me through Where's George Anon Email with the URL and a short description appropriate for this page. No promises are made other than that your page will be considered for inclusion.

PLEASE DO NOT submit suggestions for inclusion in The Encyclopędia Georgetannica. That page includes it's own contact point.
(If it is still Slowpoke, don't bother. He seems to have gone on to other interests.)

This page last updated on September 26, 2008.

The Directory of Where's George Related Pages is not associated with Where's George? in an official capacity. (Well, kind of, but not really.)